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Game Master, this is yours!

Game Master, our toolkit's got your back. It's got everything you need to run the best campaigns.

Spend time on what matters

Burned out from preparing your sessions? Trouble remembering all those notes? The virtual GM Screen has it all!

Obtain the ultimate power

Whether you're building Dungeons, entire cities, or even complete universes. We'll link everything together. Nice and tidy.

The ultimate Power over your Realm


Show your players the entire world. From a planar scale, to the smallest house. Quit staring at an initializing screen with Realm Architect's linked maps feature.

Prepare Efficiently


Streamline running your campaign by having all your PDFs in the Realm Architect codex. Supports Open Game License content. More systems to come!

Campaign Builder


We'll give you all the utilities you need. Game timers, Initiative trackers and other stuff to fully immerse your players. Realm Architect's got everything a Game Master needs!

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